February 2, 2017 3166wpczar

We Need Some Help!


We are currently looking for the following in our youth group:


  1. WINTER CAMP 2017: We are currently looking for some adults over 25 years of age who would be interested in being drivers for our upcoming winter camp. We are planning on taking vans up to Cedar Crest Camp, but need some extra drivers. If interested or need more information please contact Pastor Fernando at Fernando@nlcsb.org.

2. Fusion Food: We are always looking for someone to help with food the last Tuesday of every month. If you are interested in bringing some snacks, drinks or some food (*approx. for 20-25) please contact Pastor Fernando at Fernando@nlcsb.org. We will connect you with a mom who is helping organize that!

3. Youth Adoptive Mom & Dad: In our youth roster we have about 50-55 students. On any given night we average about 20-27 students. During the summer we average about 25-35 students. We are looking for Moms & Dads who are willing to take one Tuesday (a month, every other month, whatever you can) and hang out with our kids. Be like chaperones, volunteer leaders, moms & dads to our students. If you are interested or would like to hear more about this, please contact me. I will explain the process & details of making that happen!


Thank you!


-Pastor Fernando Morales