February 2, 2017 3166wpczar

You Can’t Do Life Alone

“We need to talk” 

I’ll never forget those four words. It was my first semester in college and my roommate met me at the door of our dorm room one late September night. He was firm & a bit shaky but I could tell in his eyes that he cared enough to have the following conversation.

“About what?” I replied. 

He responded,” Fernando this is the second time you come to the dorm past curfew and if the R.A asks me,I won’t lie for you. What’s going on? “

The conversation that followed was one that shaped a lot of things in my life. I learned a valuable lesson that night. I experienced the uncomfortable but powerful & real freedom that comes in accountability. Was it easy? No. Was I caught? Yes. The truth is my roommate ( a fellow christian) had enough courage to ask me the hard question & questions after that night. He cared enough. I knew I needed to grow up.

This past Tuesday we read 1 Samuel 12, where King David is confronted by the prophet Nathan. If you know the story, you know that King David discovered his need to admit to some pretty heavy things. God had sent Nathan to help King David, not only to be free of guilt & shame, but to bring healing to his heart. The truth is this. We can’t do life alone.

God created community for us to thrive & be healthy. Everyone needs a Nathan in their lives—someone who will hold you accountable.

This is more than just turning and shaking someone’s hand at the meet and greet time, or smiling at someone who looks new when they walk into your church, or offering to help a little old lady across the street. Those are nice things, but that isn’t authentic, real community and connection with believers. Nobody was spurred on by your smiling at them, and you’re not spurred on by that either.

What is a spur? Not the basketball team. A spur is something a horseman or a cowboy uses to get a horse moving. It’s not pleasant feeling for the horse I would imagine. I’ve never been spurred before, but I’m just guessing it hurts because they kick it into the side of the horse in order to make the horse move!

You need someone like Nathan to poke you in the side with a spur when you’re getting lazy with your quiet times, when you’re acting out of order with the opposite sex, when you’re slacking in your prayer life. You need someone to encourage you, push you & challenge you to become more like Christ. We need Nathans. We need to BE Nathans.

This week:

  1. Pray & Find a brother/sister in Christ who can be your accountability partner. Someone who is mature in their walk & can lead you to be more like Christ.
  2. Set up a time where the both of you can talk, ask questions & encourage one another.


– Pastor Fernando M

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.  – Proverbs 27:17