What is Fusion?

FUSION is a place for Jr. High & Sr. High students to be with friends, make new ones, have a lot of fun, and grow in their faith towards Jesus. We call our students ministries FUSION because we want to be a place where students can see how to fuse together the truth and promises of the gospel with their life today. FUSION is full of adult leaders who love students and want to see them grow to be awesome people who love Jesus and change the world for Him. The best way to see what FUSION is all about is to come to one of our meeting times and just experience the awesomeness that is FUSION

REACH non-believing students CONNECT them to the love of Jesus EQUIP them to grow in their Faith LAUNCH them to make a difference in their world

Wednesday Nights

(6th-12th grade)

6:30-8:30pm in the youth room (New Life Church Basement)


(6th-7th grade)

Sunday Mornings:

Every other Sunday morning in the youth room (New Life Church Basement)

At Fusion we work hard to make this place a safe & fun environment for everyone. As we do this, there are some key guidelines we have put in place. Here’s a few we want to make sure you are aware of.

1. Times: We love to have students here for services. However, we don’t love having them here too early or having to wait around too long at the end of each event.

Doors open for Fusion Tuesday Nights at 6:30pm.

We ask that all students be picked up by 8:45pm. Our services are completed most evenings by 8:30pm. If we go beyond the normal dismissal time, we will attempt to notify you.

  • Kids can be picked up on the east side of the building facing Miradero St.

2. Age Appropriate Programming: In order to ensure that we have a safe environment, we have the following guidelines in place for who can be in our meetings while programming is taking place.

Sunday School Experience : Only Jr High Students

Parents are welcome to sit in for a night to observe and get a feel for our services. We ask that you contact us ahead of time to add you on to our “cleared” list.

  • We do ask that parents not wander around or hang out during night services for safety & accountability without pastoral permission.

3. Discipline Issues: If any issues arise concerning improper behavior, there is a four step process we work through.

Step 1: Warning to Student. This will be initiated by volunteer or by staff depending on the setting or situation.

Step 2: Student will have a conversation with a member of our staff to address any issues.

Step 3: If behavior continues, discussion with parents.

Step 4: If behavior still continues, student will be asked to abstain from participation in Wednesday Night programming for a period of time.